Gift cards


New gift cards

Kaplans gift cards are a perfect gift when you want to let the recipient choose from our extensive selection of jewellery, watches and clothing. We can now offer both physical and digital gift cards.

Our new gift cards can be used to pay for goods and services at Biblioteksgatan 5 in Stockholm, on and on

Gift cards can be purchased for any value up to SEK 20,000. Our gift cards are valid for 10 years from the date of purchase.

Our new gift cards have a card number and a pin code. Our physical gift cards are printed on environmentally-friendly paper, and have a scratch field that hide the pin code.

The gift cards are issued by Retain24.

Buying gift cards

Our gift cards are available for purchase at our store on Biblioteksgatan 5 in Stockholm and our website.

On the website you will find the gift cards in the footer in our desktop version and in the menu in our mobile version.

You can put up to SEK 20,000 on a gift card.

Our physical gift cards come in an attractive green box which shows the value and validity period of the gift card. Gift cards can be picked-up in our store or sent to your registered address. If you want your gift card sent by post, you pay the same freight fee as for an item with Normal shipping.

Our digital gift cards can be sent as an e-mail to any e-mail address, or as a text message to all Swedish mobile numbers. You can choose when the digital gift card should be sent and you can write a message to the recipient.

Buy gift card online

Paying with gift cards

Our new gift cards can be used to pay for goods and services at Biblioteksgatan 5 in Stockholm, on and on

To pay with a gift card, you need the card number and pin code. On our physical gift cards, you will find the 16-digit card number on the back of the gift card. You will also need to reveal the 5-digit pin code in the scratch field.

If there is money left on your gift card after a purchase, you keep the gift card until your next purchase. If the amount on a gift card does not cover the value of a purchase, you will need to pay the difference using an alternative payment method.

Old gift cards

You can still use your old Kaplans gift cards as payment when buying goods and services at our store in Stockholm. If the full value of an old gift card is not used when you make a purchase, you will receive a new gift card for the difference.

Good to know

To buy and use our gift cards, you need a customer number at Kaplans.

Our gift cards cannot be paid for with cash. Gift cards may not be exchanged for cash, nor can they be refunded. Kaplans cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen gift cards.

The gift cards are issued by Retain24.

Check the balance and validity

You can check the balance and validity of your gift card here.