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25 January
Sefina Svensk Pantbelåning AB

Lilla jewellery

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27 January
Jewellery / Silver / Gemstones


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29 January
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1 February
Sefina Svensk Pantbelåning AB

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20 January
Fashion / Bags / Accessories

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On Saturday we run our Classic auction!

Treat yourself or someone else with a beautiful and timeless piece of jewellery. At the auction you´ll find beautiful statement rings and earrings as well as shimmering tennis bracelets that stands out beautifully on their own but are also easily combined with other pieces.

Participate in the bidding with absentee bids, or place bids online during the auction. You can also place bids in our auction room. Please remember to keep a safe distance to other customers.

If you have any questions don´t hesitate to contact our Customer service on or read more under “Help”.

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Glittering solitaire rings in store

In our store there is a large selection of old and new solitaire rings. See rings in gold, white gold and platinum. Choose from different models and price ranges.

Shop hassle-free online or come and see us at Biblioteksgatan 5 in Stockholm.

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