Our appraisers will help you when you want to know what your item is worth. Get specialist advice prior to a sale and we offer valuation certificate for various purposes.

Submission to our auctions is ongoing all weekdays throughout the year. You do not need an appointment but are welcome to appraisal. You can also send your item to us.

If you want to see what your item might be worth so please use our Estimations support at this site. Estimations support is available to all our customers.

Map of premises



What we evaluate


Jewellery and gems


Corpus and cutlery


Watches and watch parts


Fashion and accessories


Coins, bills and medals


Gold, silver and platinum

Visit us everyday between 10:00 and 18:00, and show your items for our appraisers.

The valuation process

For each item we suggest an crying price that corresponds to the appraised selling price at auction.The crying price is based on sales of similar items at previous auctions. In addition, a reserve price is suggested that is the lowest price the item can be sold for. The reserve price should be at least 10% lower than the crying price.

Proof of Submission

If you choose to submit an item for auction, you will receive a Proof of Submission containing a description of the item, the auction date, the crying price and the reserve price. Note that the Proof of Submission is a valuable document and should be kept in a safe place.