Realtime auctions


Our realtime auctions are conducted exclusively on the Internet. You may submit absentee bids or participate here on the website when the auction is being held.

Absentee bids

You may submit absentee bids for a lot via Customer Services or on our website until the time an auction starts. You indicate your maximum bid, which is the amount you are willing to pay for a given lot. Kaplans Auktioner then automatically places your bid on your behalf for this amount.

Bidding during an auction

During realtime auctions, you can participate by bidding directly on our website. Simply log in with your customer number or registered email address and password. The login link for auctions is at the top right of the screen.

If you only wish to watch the auction you do not need to log in.

During realtime auctions, we usually show five lots at a time. During pawn auctions, six lots are displayed simultaneously.

Your bid

You submit your bid by clicking on the "Place bid" button. Your bid is made immediately and in accordance with our bidding intervals. All bids made at our auctions are binding.

If your bid is insufficiently higt to be the leading bid, "You were outbid" or "Same bid" messages are displayed.

"Same bid" means that another customer has already bid the same amount as you. To make your bid into a leading bid, you need to raise your bid.

When your bid is leading, the message "Highest bid: YOU" is displayed, along with your bid amount.

Kaplans Auktioner cannot guarantee that all bids are received at auction.

Close of bidding

When bidding begins to reach its conclusion, rather than showing the amount of time remaining, we show "Going once" and "Going twice". Then "Hammered" is shown, and bidding is over for the lot in question. The screen goes blank for several seconds before bidding starts for a new lot.

Extended time

To ensure that all those who wish to place a bid have time to do so, bidding is extended every time a bid is made. There is therefore no reason to wait making bids until the last second.

Lot order

As realtime auctions open, lots are displayed in their auction number order. Because bidding for different items takes different amount of time, the numerical order of lots subsequently changes. Upcoming lots are always displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Wish list

When you are logged in to an auction, lots you have saved in your Wish list are displayed with a green star.

Lots won

Once an auction has been completed, a summery is shown of all lots that you have won. You can also see the lots that you have won in My Pages.