You can submit absentee bids at all our auctions. The bidding begins the moment the lot has been registered and ends when the auction starts.

Customer Number and Password

In order to be able to bid you need a Customer Number and a Password. If not already a customer, register via the Internet or via Customer Services at Biblioteksgatan 5.

Internet or Customer Services

You can place absentee bids via Internet or via Customer Services.


When bidding you should place the highest amount you are willing to pay for the item. Kaplans Auktioner will then automatically place bids up to your maxbid.

The bid

Your bid is binding and a 20% premium on the hammer price will be charged together with a hammer fee of SEK 50.

Identical bids

If two bidders have placed identical maxbids they are ranked after the bidding date. A latter bid, with the same amount as the former bid, will thus be ranked as being lower.