Advance payments

Kaplans offers advance payment on lots that are handed in for sale.


Advance payment is normally offered in connection with the handing in of a lot. It is also possible to receive advance payment on a lot already handed in but not yet sold.

Size of payment

Advance payments may be less or equal to half the reserve price of a lot. Kaplans reserves the right to decline a request for advance payment without providing a reason.

Credit fees

For each advance payment, a credit fee of SEK 50 is payable plus a monthly interest rate of 1 percent, corresponding to an annual rate of 12 percent. Please note that these fees are in addition to the standard fees and premiums associated with selling lots.


Interest is charged from the day an advance payment is made until an item is sold or withdrawn. Interest is charged for a minimum of one month, so the minimum interest cost is 1 percent of an advance payment.


As long as your item is unsold, you may repay the advance payment. Interest is then charged until the day of repayment.


If a lot remains unsold three months after an auction, Kaplans reserves the right to auction the lot without consideration of the original reserve price. Before a new auction attempt is made we will always contact you. If the price does not cover the total debt, the difference is payable to Kaplans.