Payment methods

You can choose Bankgiro, Plusgiro or direct transfer to your bank account as payment method.

If you have not indicated your preferred payment method, we will send your payment by Bank Note.

Go to "My pages" and "My information" to review the payment method you have chosen. Contact Customer Service if you would like to change your payment method.

Payment date

We will make your payment within 15 business days, about three weeks, after the sale of a lot.

If your item has been sold at auction, the date the buyer pays the item is considered the sale date. The buyer must pay for the item within five business day. If a buyer is late with their payment, this will delays our payment to you.

For items sold in our store, payment cannot be made as long as open purchase or right of return applies to the item.

Extra at Christmas

Before Christmas, we normally extend the time for open purchase in store and the right of withdrawal that applies in the online store. Payment cannot be made as long as open purchase or right of withdrawal applies to the item.


Our Transaction Notes are now sent out via e-mail. Therefore, check that your registered e-mail address is correct.

You can update your e-mail address on "My pages" under "My information".