Kaplans is a family business with sixtyfive years experience in buying and selling gold, silver and platinum.

Kaplans started in 1946 as a goldsmith's workshop in Aspudden in southern Stockholm named Ge-Kå. The company soon employed a number of skilled gold and silversmiths and jewelers. They assisted clients in designing, manufacturing, reworking and repairing jewelry.

In the late 1960s Kaplans opened a number of goldsmith shops in Stockholm and a branch office in Finland. The brand Safir soon became known for beautiful jewelry and good service.

Kaplans Auktioner AB has been located on Biblioteksgatan 5 in Stockholm for over twentyfive years. It was here that the first jewelry auctions were held. In the early 90's thewatch auctions expanded the business.

Since then, the auction business has increased in scale and scope incrementally and successfully. Today it is possible for our customers around the world to to participate in auctions online