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VAUCHEZ, a Paris, pocket watch, 58,5 mm, Serial no. 202, 18K gold, verge escapement, key wind, repeater (defect), defect, dents, approx. 1800.


OMEGA, Seamaster 300 (T Swiss Made T), Cal 552, Serial no. 19359520, Ref no. PCS 165.014, Case no. 165014-64 S.C (HF), men´s wristwatch, 38 mm, steel (Staybrite), self winding, plastic crystal, damaged dial, replaced movement (see detailed info), bezel missing, engraving, leather strap, approx. 1964.


OMEGA, The Ville, Cal 601, Serial no. 31670975, Ref no. BA 131.1714, Case no. 1311714, dress watch, 44 mm, 18K gold, lever escapement, approx. 1969.


ALPINA, men´s wristwatch, 26,5 x 26,5 (32) mm, Cal 761, Case no. 59859, 14K gold, manual winding, plastic crystal (damaged), small seconds hand, fixed bar lugs, approx. 1930, metal bracelet not original.


HERMÈS, Carre H, Cal H1912 (3000), Movement no. 219048, Serial no. 3518493, Case no. T12.710, unisex, 38 x 38 (47) mm, steel, self winding, sapphire crystal, crystal backcase, leather strap, original buckle, certificate, January 2023, box, paper box.


ZENITH, Captain (Swiss Made), Chronometre, Cal 2542 PC, Serial no. 6437159, Case no. 797A387, men´s wristwatch, 37,5 mm, steel, self winding, plastic crystal, date, damaged dial, original bracelet, length 180 mm, approx. 1968, box.


OMEGA, Constellation (OF Swiss Made OM), Chronometer, Cal 1001, Serial no. 29049420, Ref no. BA 368.047, Case no. 166.059-168.047 / B107.715, men´s wristwatch, 33,5 x 34 mm, 18K gold, self winding, plastic crystal, date, dial in gold, damaged dial, defect (needs overhaul), integrated original bracelet, folding clasp, Ref no. 1155/146 / 368.847, total weight 139,5 grams, approx. 1969, box.


EBEL, Classic Wave, Mini, Cal 057, Serial no. 18149398, Case no. 1057901, ladie´s wristwatch, 24,5 mm, steel/gold, quartz, sapphire crystal, engraving, integrated original bracelet, folding clasp, Ref no. 1193, certificate, April 1994, case.


RADO, Hyperchrome, Cal 629, Serial no. 12628788, PIC no. R32291152, Ref. no. 01.629.0291.3.015, men´s wristwatch, 42 mm, high-tech ceramic/gold plated, self winding, sapphire crystal, date, crystal backcase, original bracelet, folding clasp in titanium, Ref no. 04722, certificate, May 2015, box, paper box.


LONGINES, Serge Manzon, Cal 5602 , Serial no. 51331186, Ref no. 5021, Case no. 5021 2/5601, ladie´s wristwatch, 23,5 x 25,5 (40,5) mm, silver (925), manual winding, sapphire crystal, damaged dial, defect (not working), integrated leather strap (155 mm), approx. 1973.


JAEGER-LE COULTRE, ladie´s wristwatch, 20 x 23 mm, Cal 846, Serial no. 2338736, Case no. 16319 22 / 1557268, 18K white gold, manual winding, sapphire crystal, barrel shaped movement, diamondbezel (44 pcs. TW/VS, approx. 0,30 ctv), integrated original bracelet, length 160-158 mm, total weight 40,6 grams, approx. 1980, box (Jeweller to the royal court Gunnar Fahlström AB Stockholm).


ORIS, Artix, "Oscar Peterson Limited Edition", Cal 683 (ETA 7750), Movement no. 9782, Serial no. 30 00044, Ref no. 01.683.7644.4084, Case no. 7644-40-84, chronograph, men´s wristwatch, 44 mm, steel, self winding, sapphire crystal, date, dent (see picture), leather strap, folding clasp, Ref no. 07 32 18 40, Chronometercert, approx. 2010, box (damaged), paper box. Limited and numbered (No. 44/97).


BREITLING, Transocean, Chronometre, Cal 10 (ETA 2892A2), Movement no. 2766822, Serial no. 2766822, Ref no. A1036012/BA91, Case no. 2212 B3, men´s wristwatch, 43 mm, steel, self winding, sapphire crystal (see detailed info), date, leather strap, original steel buckle, certificate, April 2013, box, paper box.


OMEGA, Constellation, Serial no. 49093270, PIC no. 1670.20.01, Ref no. BA 595.1080, Case no. 595.1080, ladie´s wristwatch, 22,5 mm, 18K gold, quartz, sapphire crystal, integrated leather strap (two screws missing, see pictures), approx. 1986.

Tag Heuer

TAG HEUER, Monza, Chronometer, Cal 36, Movement no. 204970, Serial no. 204970, Ref no. CR5110.FC6175, Case no. CR5110, chronograph, men´s wristwatch, 38 mm, steel, self winding, sapphire crystal, date, damaged dial, crystal backcase, leather strap, folding clasp, approx. 2005.

Georg Jensen

GEORG JENSEN, Concave, designed by Barth, Serial no. 003750, Case no. 316, ladie´s wristwatch, 39 mm, steel, quartz, sapphire crystal, diamond dial (60 pcs 8/8), integrated leather strap (see detailed information), original buckle, certificate, December 2010, box, paper box.


BREITLING, Galactic 36, Cal 37 (ETA 2895-2), Movement no. 1362634, Serial no. 1362634, Ref no. C3733053, Case no. 1111B4, ladie´s wristwatch, 36 mm, steel/rosa gold, self winding, sapphire crystal, small seconds hand, date, MOP dial with diamonds (8 pcs. 8/8), brilliant bezel (106 pcs. TW/VVS, approx. 0,708 ctv), Pilot bracelet, folding clasp, Ref no. W4212/376C, approx. 2012, box, paper box,


CHOPARD, L.U.C XPS, Chronometer, Cal 96.50-L, Movement no. 195073, Serial no. 2029980, Ref no. 168591-3001, Case no. 8591, men´s wristwatch, 40 mm, steel, self winding (micro-rotor), sapphire crystal, date, small seconds hand, crystal case back, leather strap, original steel buckle, certificate, February 2023, wooden box, paper box.


ELGIN, Elgin Natl.Watch Co pocket watch, 52 mm, hunter, Cal 70 "B.W Raymond" (15 stones, 18 size), Serial no. 3221002, Case no. C1655, 14K gold, lever escapement, damaged dial, s.c. "Box Hinge-boett", cuvett in 14K gold, monogram, dents, approx. 1889.


ORIS, Big Crown, BC 3 Day-Date, Cal 635 (ETA 2836-2), Serial no. 21 11890, Case no. 7500, men´s wristwatch, 40 mm, steel, self winding, sapphire crystal, day, date, crystal case back, original bracelet, folding clasp, Ref no. 8 20 50, approx. 2000.


CHOPARD, L.U.C GMT ONE, Chronometer, Cal 12 3/4```` LUC 01.10-L, Movement no. 176917, Serial no. 1982559, Ref no. 168579-3001, Case no. 8579, men´s wristwatch, 42 mm, steel, self winding, sapphire crystal, date, GMT-viewing, crystal backcase, leather strap, original buckle, certificate, november 2017, box, paper box.


ROLEX, Oyster Perpetual, Datejust 36, Chronometer, Ref no. 126200, Serial no. 49HQ5566, Cal 3235, Case no. 2080, men´s wristwatch, 36 mm, steel, self winding, sapphire crystal, date, Oyster bracelet, folding clasp (Easylink), Ref no. 782001-PD/314, certificate, september 2021, box.


TISSOT, Stoper, Case no. 366-481/G, chronograph (minute hand not centered), men´s wristwatch, 33 mm, bicolour, quartz, sapphire crystal, date, leather strap, original buckle i gold plated, approx. 1995, case.

Halda Fickurfabrik

HALDA, pocket watch, 50 mm, Cal Z, Serial no. 13925, silver, lever escapement, damaged dial, defect (needs overhaul), dents, approx. 1901.
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