Tell a friend


If you find items on our website that you’d like to share with others, simply use our “Share/Tell a friend” function. You can do this for items up for auction as well as for items in our store. You’ll find the link on all product pages under the image of the item on desktop.

Tell someone you know

It’s easy to send an email with product suggestions directly from our website. Perfect if you find something that you think one of your friends would love!

All you need to do is enter your name and email address. Your email will already include an image and description of the item, and of course a link to make it easy for your friend to see the item on our website.

You can replace the auto-fill greeting with your own message.

Send a wish

The “Share/Tell a friend” link can be used in the same way if you come across an item that you might like for yourself. Send an email to that special someone who might want to know what you would like as a gift.

You can replace the auto-fill greeting with any text for the desired occasion such as a birthday or Christmas.

Share on social media

If you’d like to share an item more widely in seconds, you can share it on social media.

Click on “Share/Tell a friend” to share on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.