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In our store, we offer a wide selection of jewellery, watches and fashion accessories in different price ranges. All shop items can be purchased directly in our store. On this page, you will find information about used and new items, as well as how we distinguish them in our physical store and our online store.


Find pre-loved goods in all styles from different epochs in our store. Our knowledgeable evaluators examine all items thoroughly and set prices based on the quality and condition. If you have any questions regarding one of the items, do not hesitate to contact our customer service or ask staff in store.

When it comes to used jewellery, we have our own goldsmiths and designers who will be happy to help if you wish to rework or adjust an item. Our goldsmiths work with gold and platinum. Some of the most common repairs or fixes our smiths do are size adjustments, polishing and rhodium plaiting. We also check stone settings in pre-worn jewellery.

Newly crafted

To complement our collection of items in store, we also sell newly crafted goods on commission. All new items are described in detail by our evaluators.

If you find a piece of jewellery you are interested in, but it is not available in your size, it is often possible to order items from the manufacturer. In some cases, it is also possible to choose between an item in gold or white gold.

Experience the differens between pre-loved and newly crafted

New items are marked “Newly crafted” on our online store. If nothing is written the item is used.

In our store at Biblioteksgatan, you can distinguish items based on the colour of the labels. Used items have white labels, and new items have blue labels.

Purchase shop items

All shop items are available both online and in our store at Biblioteksgatan. To purchase an item online, you must be a registered Kaplans member and log into our website. There are also advantages to having a customer number when visiting our store. All your purchases are registered and saved for you and can be found under “My pages”.

You can choose between different payment methods. Read more about payment alternatives under “Buying – Payment” in the help menu.

We charge a commission of 20%. On our online store, commission is included in the quoted price. In our physical store, you need to add the 20% commission to the price shown on the label.

Return putchased items

When you buy items from our online store, you always have a right to return for 14 days after purchase.

At our store on Biblioteksgatan, you can ask us before payment, and we will add the right of return to your receipt.

Do you have questions?

You can always contact our customer service at: or call us on: +46(0)8 - 545 016 00. We will be happy to help you!